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Hypnosis Weight Loss In Columbia

Many of our clients (come to us because, on other plans,) they have lost weight only to gain it back, and then some. They were looking for an integrated plan that helps with behaviors while also offering a proven eating plan to get more slim and fit and stay that […]

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hypnosis work for quitting smoking

Why does hypnosis work for quitting smoking?

When other methods have failed, does hypnosis work for quitting smoking? When people have a desire to give up this habit which can potentially devastate their health, why do they struggle with putting away the cigarettes for good? While I’m not a medical doctor, it’s been my experience, with the […]

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COVID-19 Update

Placing the highest priority on safety, Columbia Hypnosis has moved exclusively to online video sessions. These online sessions are available to current and future clients. If you are experiencing troubling stress from the impact of Covid-19 in our lives, appointments are available for stress mitigation. We encourage everyone to follow the CDC guidelines for social distancing and let’s get through this together!