What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that each of us experience every single day.

what is hypnosisHave you ever found yourself engaged by a project that focused all your attention on the task at hand and time seemed to fly by?

Have you ever tried to speak with somebody who was working behind a computer keyboard and you had trouble getting his or her attention? That is a natural state of hypnosis.

Bottom line, Hypnosis is focused relaxation which allows guidance to your powerful subconscious mind where you can learn and reprogram your thinking at a new level which perhaps you’ve never before accessed.

It’s the relaxing, natural way to make change. During the session, you are in control as you accept powerful suggestions offered to you for change. Hypnosis is not something Hypnotist Michael Burney does TO you but, instead…

Hypnosis is a process to guide you to the place of consciousness where you can finally make permanent and lasting change.

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