Success Stories

Read Columbia Hypnosis testimonials to find out what some of our success stories have to say about how hypnosis helped them. View smoking cessation video testimonials on our Stop Smoking page.

It’s Christmas 2017. I went to see the hypnotist on June 12, 2017. I had smoked for 42 years; up to three packs a day at one point. I had recently gotten down to about ten cigarettes a day. My granddaughter asked me why I smoked, and I said ‘because I’m stupid’. She says ‘no Papa, you’re one of the smartest people I know’. Apparently she was right, because I decided to quit smoking. I’d tried hypnosis before; I’d tried everything, but this time it worked! So far, so good. I’ve gained about five pounds, but I’ve also saved a lot of money. On my quit date, Michael asked me ‘What do you think?’. I said, ‘I don’t believe in you’, and he said ‘let’s just see how it goes’. I went back for a second session and I would have never believed it, but the bottom line is you have to want to quit for yourself; you can’t quit for somebody else because it will not work. My life is so much better without cigarettes, and all I can say is ‘Thank you Michael, I appreciate your help’.

Mr. Burney is extremely professional, easy to talk with, and knowledgeable. He is very good at adapting newcomers to his practice. He is genuinely interested in his patients, and spends time getting to know them before a session. I would recommend him to anyone.



I can’t believe it. Yesterday it has been a month since I quit smoking. I wanted to let you know. I am still listening to your audios to reinforce and keep my stress level down but I am feeling so good! Thank you.

I have started a program called couch to 5K so I training to run a 5K! Yes, with no one chasing me. Crazy. I may need one more session to keep me headed in the right direction but all is good now.

Thanks so much for helping me find a new healthy life. I just can’t believe how amazing God is to provide the tools we need to accomplish anything. You were one of them. 🙂

Tracy, Columbia, SC

From a client desiring to avoid sugary and junk food who had experienced difficulty making change, this email a month after her session:

Good morning Michael -
Things are going well, and I wanted to give you that update. I'm exercising at least 5 times a week, and my meal plans have significantly improved......"unbegrudgingly"! I've lost 13 pounds thus far, and my BMI has dropped somewhat. I'm on the way to a healthier - pain free lifestyle. Thanks so much for your help. Take care.



I toyed with the idea of hypnotherapy for a while before actually visiting hypnotist, Michael Burney. I was interested in losing some unwanted pounds before the summer time and I am so glad that I finally tried hypnosis. It has been 3 weeks now from the time of my session and I have lost 8 pounds literally effortlessly by reprogramming the way I think through hypnosis. I enjoyed the session and was given a tape to listen to every night. I am a believer now and I’ve had such great results I am considering hypnosis for smoking as well. I highly recommend Columbia hypnotherapist, Michael Burney.

-2013 Lexington female client

Client seen for nutrition life-style change for better health and weight loss:

Everything is going amazingly well for me. I am up to 20 lbs lost. Still not having any cravings for things I shouldn't have. This continues to be an eating way of life. People are starting to notice the weight-loss and I am telling everyone I can about my lifestyle change and hypnosis. I am still sleeping well. This has truly been one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I have had some stressful nights lately and have used my relaxation circle to combat the stress and anxiety. It has become something that I do without necessarily thinking about it consciously. I have also found a grocery store here in town that has amazingly beautiful produce. They also have a lot of the no-salt or nutritarian foods that I need. This is making this lifestyle even easier for me.

J.J., Florence, SC


I’m a 65 year old lady who smoked for 35 years and found that breathing was getting much harder, that people avoided being around me while I was smoking, my grown daughters requested that I smoke outside when I went to visit, and my husband really wanted me to quit so we could enjoy our retirement years together at home or while traveling instead of the spending the later years as a patient in a hospital suffering from the effects of the damage nicotine was doing to my body.

I never had a lot of will-power when I tried to quit. I tried a popular prescribed pill that has helped so many people but it was a horrible experience for me and after two weeks I gave up on that as well.

I did some research on hypnotists in the surrounding area and luckily I found the perfect match for my need of a professional, well trained, understanding, patient person who wanted to know about me… before starting with a plan. After two visits I was on my road to a nicotine free life. My last cigarette was September 30, 2013. There have been moments since that date that I wanted a cigarette but I have not given in and I have you to thank for that.

Michael Burney, CHT is a very caring man who is on a mission to change people’s lives and instill the missing link that so many addicted smokers have -willpower.