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Many of our clients come to us because, on other plans, they have lost weight only to gain it back, and then some. They were looking for an integrated plan that helps with behaviors while also offering a proven eating plan to get more slim and fit and stay that way.

I see a lot of people in our practice who have tried many different diets only to lose weight and then gained back even more. I also see people who have been meaning to lose weight for some time. I feel they just lack the motivation or that little extra something to get started. Perhaps one of these descriptions resembles your life?

Let’s take the first type of client. When you boil it down to its true potential effectiveness, the eating plan should be designed to facilitate your weight release but then provide a platform of information for you to transition into life-long nutrition and habits that keeps the weight off. Plus, all of this losing weight, and then gaining it back can wreak havoc on what little metabolism some of us still have depending on your age! So a good plan for weight release will get you into fat burning mode, where are you seeing some exciting weight reduction which only motivates to not only continue on the plan but also look for other ways to enhance you health, such as exercise.

Your quality plan will provide you with ongoing learning to prepare you to transition in the lifelong health at a healthy weight. A quality plan also needs another element, accountability. Left on our own, many of us may find it more difficult to stay true to a plan without a coach or someone to both motivate us and keep an eye on our progress. In other words, someone in our lives that we will be accountable to for our eating behaviors.

When you decide to release weight with Columbia Hypnosis, you not only are plugged into a quality plan, but you also receive a certified health coach who will be with you every step of the way. We partnered with one of the best known and respected weight release programs to offer you our support along with their proven products to get exciting weight loss happening in your life, get moving toward your weight goal, and learn how to keep the weight off.

We are interested in you getting on to the next phase of your healthier life. Your best weight release program will coach you into exciting initial weight loss and then healthy weight release in the weeks that follow. And, along the way, it will provide you with education so you can keep the weight off.

Consider how your life will change when you reach your desired weight and fitness level. How will you feel about yourself as you reach your goal? How will family and friends react as they see the new you taking shape? As you reach your goals, and have the energy to be more active, perhaps you will shop for new clothes at your new slimmer size.

All of this can be in your future with the right weight release plan and your personal coach on your side.

The second category of client we see in our practice are people who desire motivation to simply start moving toward action for weight release and activity. They want to get off the couch and get back in touch with their bodies. Hypnosis can provide a jump-start for just this type of desired motivation.

How does it work through the power of your unconscious mind? I like the metaphor of having a computer program which runs in the background where you’re not consciously aware of it. You’re sending emails, typing documents and using your computer day after day. Yet the unconscious mind is running in the background at all times similar to a virus protection program on your computer. I think that’s a good metaphor for the unconscious mind. It’s at work, behind the scenes, to support you for motivation to start moving toward a goal.

It’s very exciting to work with people at our practice and see how well they respond in the days or weeks following their hypnosis sessions. It’s extremely powerful when clients are able to visualize their desired outcome while relaxing and firmly implanting that goal at the unconscious level of thought. With that goal up and running in the unconscious, it almost becomes like a magnet, pulling you toward your desired goal, making it almost irresistible to keep putting action off but, instead, to start moving toward your goal.

New motivation becomes actionable and realistic when you have this clear goal in mind. You can see, feel and hear how your life will be more enjoyable as you become motivated to make change.

And what you can “see”, you can achieve.

So, where are you in your journey to lose weight, get more active and return your body to a state of better health? Do you fall into the first category of having tried many diets only to gain the weight back, or are you even earlier in your process of change and simply need motivation?

We meet you where you are and we have solutions waiting for you at Columbia’s Hypnosis.

Your journey toward health is easy and comfortable with a free consultation call to our office.

We look forward to serving you and coaching you toward your health goals.

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