Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Stop smoking hypnosis has clinical studies showing 85% or greater effectiveness to quit and stay quit for those motivated to quit, and quit for good.


Are you ready to Quit Smoking?

Hypnosis is the #1 way in the world to quit smoking.
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Stop Smoking Hypnosis
Columbia Hypnosis Director, Michael Burney, is Columbia’s QuitSuccess© stop smoking hypnotist who can help you make this change in your life.

This headline was in a recent psychology journal: “Hypnosis Patients Twice As Likely To Remain Smoke-Free After Two Years”. Where are you? Are you really ready to quit smoking for good this time?

We offer the latest “Gold Standard” program to quit smoking with hypnosis. In fact, Hypnotist Michael Burney is the only practitioner certified for the new program in the Carolinas. Our quit smoking hypnosis sessions utilize three primary steps for permanent and lasting health:

  • We put you in control of your emotions and cravings. Imagine how that will feel when you are back in control and the choices are yours. Cigarettes no longer control you.
  • Next, we focus on re-patterning your unconscious mind to bring it in line with your desired change. You truly tap into your own power for change.
  • We solidify the change and give you tools so there is no need to replace your past habit with a new unwanted habit.

Whether you’ve been smoking just a few years or 40-50 years, your motivation, combined with Michael’s stop smoking hypnosis, will guide you down the path to better health.

Hypnosis to quit smoking works as you are supported at a new conscious level in your great decision to quit — the unconscious level. Many clients come in as smokers, disgusted with their smoking habit, concerned about their health, tired of the expense and learn they’ll be smoke-free after their first relaxing stop smoking hypnosis session with us!

Quit Smoking with Hypnosis and Start Living!

stop smoking hypnosisThe QuitSuccess® program, is a comprehensive program that helps you release the habit, once and for all. With our solution-focused program you can quit and stay quit.

You will be able to manage withdrawal from nicotine, control urges, if you even have them anymore, practice the new skills you have acquired, get control back in your life and leave as a healthy non-smoker. In fact, you’ll also be surprised at some facts you’ll learn that will increase your desire to quit smoking even more, and to quit now.

QuitSuccess® Program Investment In Life

Columbia-Hypnosis-quit-smokingIf you smoke 2 packs a day, you spend close to $4000 a year on your habit.

This program costs less than 1 month of cigarettes, and will save you that $4,000 in the next year while you enjoy greatly improved health, family, social and employment benefits you will experience by becoming a non-smoker.

Did you know that the affordable health care act charges 150% the normal rate for smokers? Did you know that you can check with your tax advisor as your investment to become a healthy non-smoker is often tax deductible?

What value do you place on improving your health? Your investment for improved health, for the rest of your life, for your loved ones, is affordable. Call for complete details and stop smoking cigarettes now!

It’s Time to Invest in Yourself – not Tobacco Companies.

Utilize the power of hypnosis to quit smoking and start living!

Schedule Your Quit Date today at the Columbia Stop Smoking Center, Columbia Hypnosis, with hypnotist Michael Burney.

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