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Certified Hypnotist, Michael Burney, can help. With clinical studies showing 80% or greater effectiveness to quit and stay quit, he has the tools to help you overcome a variety of other roadblocks from chronic pain to weight loss and sports performance.

Hypnosis is endorsed by research from the Journal of the American Medical Association, The National Institute of Health and The American Psychological Association


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Private hypnosis sessions at Columbia Hypnosis with Michael offer you real solutions. Many of our clients have tried everything before seeking help with Michael and finally reaching their goals.

Sessions are confidential and Michael regularly works with medical or mental health care providers to complement their care and enhance your results. Choose the type of session that works best for you:

  • In person
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  • Digital Audio recording

What Can You Expect?

  • Much of your desired change work can be accomplished in a single session.
  • One to two sessions are necessary for some change work.
  • Extensive weight loss and some chronic medical conditions may require additional sessions.


I wish to thank you for your inspiring and powerful introduction to Visualization for our Girls Basketball Team.  Your session with our players was tremendous and the impact has been evident since. They continue to share their experience among themselves, as well as, with other students, athletes, faculty and staff. 

Many have expressed a desire to have you come back periodically throughout the season and in preparation for big games. They have also realized how visualization can help them improve other areas of their life to include academics, social issues, and personal wellbeing.

Again, thank you "Zin Master" and on behalf of the entire Redhawk Girls Basketball Program we appreciate you talking us to the next level....

Gregory Bauldrick Head Coach, Girls Basketball Westwood High School

Certified Hynotist
Quit Smoking with Hypnosis
Certified Sports Hypnotist Columbia SC
Certified Hypnotist Columbia SC