What is MindScaping?

mindscaping | Columbia SCMindscaping is a therapeutic process created by Dr. Mike Mandel. It’s a type of guided visualization where the Client is able to explore their own unique mindscape (mental 3D map).

A Mindscape is a place where personal challenges, things standing in the way of achieving goals, can be navigated leading to profound real life transformations.

Mindscaping is a journey through the subconscious which leads to solutions.

When Mindscaping is led by a skilled guide dramatic positive change can happen quickly and easily.

Although Mindscape Sessions are most often conducted in person, more and more, Columbia Hypnosis is offering these life-changing session online via Facetime or Skype.

What’s the Process of Mindscaping Like?

Sit back, relax, close your eyes, and follow the guidance of your Mindscape Coach. It’s a relaxing, fascinating, enlightening, and enjoyable experience. The best part, however, is the amazing transformational results you’ll recognize immediately following your session.

How Long Is A Typical Mindscaping Session?

Normally less than about an hour or so. It’s always helpful to have some extra time before the beginning a Mindscape to fully understand your needs and desired outcomes.

Who Conducts A Mindscape?

Ideally Mindscaping is lead by a professional hypnotist who has been trained by the creator, Dr. Mike Mandel.

Who can benefit from Mindscaping?

Life has its challenges and all of us sometimes feel as though we are stuck in a rut, lacking motivation, doubting ourselves, blocked, trapped, or held back. Mindscaping provides the key to unlock your blocks, and open the doors. Mindscaping can be used for almost anything from fears, to traumas, to habits, to enhancing sports performance.

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